Dave Henderson
FameRank: 5

"David Lee Henderson", nicknamed "Hendu", is an United States/American former Major League Baseball player who played for the Seattle Mariners (1981–1986), Boston Red Sox (1986–1987), San Francisco Giants (1987), Oakland Athletics (1988–1993) and Kansas City Royals (1994). He batted and threw right-handed. He attended Dos Palos High School, where his football #42 and baseball #22 were both retired for his hometown Broncos, who wear blue and gold. He graduated from Dos Palos High School in 1977.

Henderson helped his teams reach the World Series four times during his career (1986 World Series/1986 with 1986 Boston Red Sox season/Boston, 1988 World Series/1988–1990 World Series/1990 with Oakland). However, his only World Series ring came in 1989 World Series/1989, when the 1989 Oakland Athletics season/A's swept their Bay Area rivals, the 1989 San Francisco Giants season/San Francisco Giants.

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There's nothing you can do unless you see it happen.

Our goal was just to save the building from demolition. We thought this was a good way.

We can make anything with sand. People like it because it captures the kid in them.

I never thought I was good at this. I just liked being able to make something fast and then seeing people's reaction to it. There's no other medium in which you can make something this big so quickly.

In most cases, you don't want to look like a member of the Young Republicans group. Chris was able to change his appearance dramatically to work in an undercover capacity.

We won't have this come up for some time.

We've talked with electrical companies about the circuit breakers, and they said if you turn it all off, there's no guarantee it'll come back on. The public benefit is that the Capitol will continue to operate. Were we to not replace the switch gear, ultimately it'll fail.

No North Carolina physician that we're aware of has ever been involved directly or indirectly in an execution. If we got a complaint, the board would have to look at that, consult with outside people and come to some decision.

Sand sculpting is a performing art. Just like a play when the show is over, all we have is a memory.