I think the players play extremely hard for Jay and that isn't always easy when you are struggling.

Jay and I had a lengthy conversation and then I sat back and decided that Jay is the right guy for the program. I thought the players played extremely hard and I think they have a nucleus to be a very good team next year.

There have been times when television networks might have wanted to come to Mt. Pleasant but because there were no lights, it was tough to be flexible. This gives us the flexibility to be creative with our scheduling and also allows for us to move games if we have to during the season to later times for television purposes.

Every year is different. We bring a team back with a lot of returning players and hopefully that will be reflected next year. This young team needs to show some significant progress next year.

There is no question that Jay has been a winner. It's a tough league to be a coach in and very few programs stay on top when they get there.

This team didn't have any seniors. Some of the guys left the program or were asked to leave who were counted on to help.

They did a lot of the prep work for lights when they renovated the stadium the last time. There will still be some things that need to be done but that was real foresight by this university to put those plans into work.

We are really excited about what might be the biggest football game in Kelly/Shorts history. With new lights, on a national television stage - what an opportunity to showcase Central Michigan University and the Mt. Pleasant community.

Jay has shown he can win but he also understands that this program needs to be more consistent. We can't have the valleys - we need to stay more in the middle of the pack in our lean years. We need to be more competitive on a year to year basis.