I first came across Phil Larder in his rugby league days. He was the Director of Coaching at the Rugby League and we had a difference of opinion. Let's just say that I wanted to be an innovator and not an imitator. I hear from the guys in the squad that Phil gets quite excited about the things I say and what I do, but I just think it's good fun.

Everything is there, if you use the tool box and the systems that are in place.

We will be building the infrastructure of the park and taking care of the bike paths.

The more people join the Trust the more representative of the fans we will be. We currently have well over 200 members which is more than 10% of our weekly home support. This is an excellent start but we hope to add to this in the coming weeks and beyond.

He was a nice guy. He was always helpful, he was always keen and enthusiastic about everything.

Distributors need to develop close relationships with resellers and share information, and even if there is no exchange of information within a hybrid model, the fear of it is enough to cause problems.

If something catastrophic happened, there are five counties we know can respond in hours.