Dave Doeren
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"Dave Doeren" is an American football coach and former player. He is currently the head football coach at North Carolina State University. He was previously the head coach at Northern Illinois University and has been an assistant at the University of Wisconsin, University of Kansas, University of Montana, and University of Southern California. He played college football at Drake University, where he also held his first assistant coaching position.

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We're trying to attack. If the play is in your gap you've got to show up and make it. That is what he did. That is the nice thing about a 4-3 - you can't run away from the middle linebacker.

He's a long ways from where he was two weeks ago - and he's getting better every day. He's really athletic, strong, big and he can close. He's got the tools. He just has to learn all the little details of the position. But he's getting there.

That (recruiting) has kind of been what I've made my mark at it. Until you are a coordinator full-time, that's one area where you can make an impact as an assistant, and that's something I've tried to do.

That's part of the excitement, too - it's fun to be around new people and learn. After awhile, being with the same guys, you have the same ideas and the same discussions year-in and year-out. So it's kind of nice being around fresh thoughts and ideas. It makes you think about some things that maybe in the past you didn't have to think about.

(Hodge) came in with all those guys and a couple of them played (last season) and had success. Now, he has to show what he's made of.

There's really not much difference between what they were a year ago and what they are now. We just wanted the heavier guy to be over the tight end more.