"David E. Cox" was an United States/American politician from Holdenville, Oklahoma. A Republican Party (United States)/Republican, he served as a California State Senate/California State Senator, representing the California's 1st State Senate district/1st district from December 2004 until his death in July 2010, and also served as an California State Assemblyman for the six years immediately before his Senate tenure, including three years as Assembly Republican floor leader/Leader.

His district included all or portions of Alpine County, California/Alpine, Amador County, California/Amador, Calaveras County, California/Calaveras, El Dorado County, California/El Dorado, Lassen County, California/Lassen, Placer County, California/Placer, Plumas County, California/Plumas, Modoc County, California/Modoc, Mono County, California/Mono, Nevada County, California/Nevada, Sacramento County, California/Sacramento and Sierra County, California/Sierra Counties. He served on the following Senate committees:

*Local Government (Chair)

*Appropriations (Vice Chair)

*Banking, Finance and Insurance

*Energy, Utilities and Communications


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There is more freight than we can possibly handle out there right now.

Our customers don't like freight increases every time they turn around.

For us, (raising rates) is an option, and it's our right under Federal Law. It's a business decision.

We're concerned that it, of course, has erupted, but it's not to the point where we've mobilized resources up into that area.

The fact that someone commissioned a poll doesn't mean anything. A poll is a snapshot of time that may or may not change as a result of the commissioner's testimony.

Southern Utah has been good for trucks and trucks have been good for Southern Utah, ... There is nothing in this valley that didn't come in on a truck.