I'll put it this way, we find it curious that gasoline prices (were) among the highest, then dropped to what now amounts to the second lowest in the country.

We certainly think that $3 a gallon gasoline will be broached in the next couple of days. Soon after, it could go much higher. The expectation is that we could be seeing $4 gasoline in the next couple of days.

We could see higher prices by the end of this month, and almost certainly by this summer.

Most will boost their prices over a period of time. They'll do it daily.

We thought we've had it difficult until this time. We think it's going to get a little tougher.

Unfortunately, a stronger economy may also signal that energy demand will increase, driving up the price of crude oil and gasoline.

It's tantamount to sticker shock. Motorists are not getting what's advertised, and that's not right.

Higher crude oil prices and other factors mean consumers are in for another year of price volatility.

I gotta tell you. It's pretty crazy when you think about taking whatever's on the other end of that line and bringing it in here.