"Dave Bradley" is a former Guard/guard in the National Football League.

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The players showed an awful lot of patience at the plate and we took advantage of the walks. That's good to see.

I really can see the wave coming for the softball program. Most of the team are underclassmen and what they are learning from the older girls will be valuable to them in the coming years.

We won't know if the new gym is ready until Tuesday morning or noon. We will let everybody know as soon as we can.

We have more coaches teaching at the school than we ever have. That's important because (coaches) need that school-day contact with the kids.

It's not good for the girls to have to suffer through games like this. It's hard on them and it's hard on me.

We're in a league with schools who have three times the student body to get players from.

I couldn't believe it, she took this shot to the head, sat out for an inning and then came back to pitch. To me that was an incredible performance just for her to come back, she had the stitch mark from the ball on her forehead.

By going with an open system you invite the rest of the industry to participate. For example, other companies such as Lotus were able to develop applications.

The girls really got a chance to bond on this trip. And that's the theme for us this year, unity.