"David W. Boots" is the former head coach of the University of South Dakota men's basketball team.

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We probably got away with a few misses on open shots tonight. We made a lot of big shots when they got close tonight, which helped us quite a bit.

We definitely didn't play our 'A' game (against UND). But we only had five turnovers and just 10 fouls. It's rare to be able to do that on the road.

You won't see a lot of emotion coming out of Turner. But he comes to play every day.

They were very aggressive on our 3-point shooters. When you shoot 31 percent, like we did in the first half, that's just not going to be enough.

Our defense all of a sudden got really good. I didn't think we were playing bad defense before that, they were just making their shots. We got a little better flow going, and they started missing a few.

We had just three players score in the first half. Scoring balance has been a problem for us all year. We really struggled with it.

Jesse had a fine season and this is an outstanding honor for him. We know he will continue to work hard and hopefully this is a sign of more good things to come for him.

It's well-deserved. It's a nice honor for a great kid. He's just been a great kid to coach, he's a great student and he's represented our program in a very positive way.