Darth Vader
FameRank: 9

"Darth Vader":

** Hayden Christensen

** David Prowse

** Bob Anderson (fencer)/Bob Anderson

*"Anakin Skywalker":

** Hayden Christensen

** Sebastian Shaw (actor)/Sebastian Shaw

** Jake Lloyd


/voiceactor =

/position = "Darth Vader": Sith/Sith Lord, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet

"Anakin Skywalker": Jedi/Jedi Knight, General in the Grand Army of the Republic

/species = "Darth Vader": Human (Star Wars)/Human/cyborg

"Anakin Skywalker": Human (Star Wars)/Human

/gender = Male

/family = Shmi Skywalker (mother) Owen Lars (stepbrother)

/spouse = Padmé Amidala (wife)

/children = Luke Skywalker (son) Princess Leia Organa/Leia Organa Solo (daughter)

/planet = Tatooine

/affiliation = "Darth Vader":SithGalactic Empire (Star Wars)/Galactic Empire"Anakin Skywalker":JediGalactic Republic


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The Geek is strong with this one.

That was great fun and quite a moment on set, ... All the crew, everybody, was just waiting, waiting. Everybody was excited about it.

No, ... He doesn't push buttons.