We're happy and excited. But it's not the final nail.

He would not drop the gun. I believe at least one shot was fired. The offender was shot once.

As the male was giving his statement to the officers, several items of drug paraphernalia were observed in plain view.

The person involved with the car was a violent dangerous felon known to carry firearms.

Witnesses tell us [the driver] was driving erratically. Investigators do believe that at least alcohol is a contributing factor to this fatality.

They went in with a slow, methodical approach because we knew we had a violent felon inside and we knew we had a child inside. There was a dog inside, and they heard a dog barking. But there had been no contact whatsoever. They didn't even hear a child crying, nothing.

This is the early stages of this investigation and we're going over all those possibilities, but right now we don't have any solid suspects.

We've had about five such cases a week since January.

We have not established why he was in Gwinnett County. We are still looking into it. It's an open investigation.