Danny Wuerffel
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"Daniel Wuerffel" is an American former college and professional American football/football quarterback who won the 1996 Heisman Trophy and the 1996 national football championship while playing college football for the University of Florida. After graduating from Florida, he played for four National Football League (NFL) teams, and retired from professional football in 2002. Since then, Wuerffel has led a non-profit organization engaged in Christian mission and charitable work in several states. In 2013, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

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I wept this morning thinking about our city. I was thinking about the families and children who drowned in their homes. It's a sad thing but we see an opportunity to do a greater good than has ever been done.

That's currently all we own after we left.

The Gator Nation is stepping forward in an incredible way. 'How can we help?' are the four biggest words I've heard in the last week.

Then a young girl came out of one of these condemned buildings carrying an old doll, ... And I realized she lived there. I was shocked that somebody could actually live in a place like that.

Don't worry about me and my family, ... We've lost everything, but we need nothing. If you want to help me, then help me help others.

More than eight years ago, I walked off that turf at the Superdome with a national championship, ... Now, as I look at the tattered dome, it symbolizes the devastation to my home, my city and my ministry.

We just relearned the difference between want and need. How much time do we spend saying, 'We need this, we need this' and get bent out of shape? Now we've got nothing, and yet we have everything we need. We've got my wife and son and food and shelter. We feel fortunate to have that because many people don't.

We don't know what the damage is, per se. We don't know if its salvageable or not. But while the building is damaged, our spirit is strong.