Lot of these businesses ain't going to get no business because of the road construction. It needs to be fixed. Eight months is long enough. They prolong it too much.

It just slipped off my hand. I had a good look. ... Once I saw I was open, maybe I got too excited. Everybody ran to the paint, and I was wide open. I thought this would be like the rest of them, piece of cake, like in practice.

We want to try to get some momentum going, but those wins and losses, you get up and it brings you right back down; you get up, it brings you right back down. It's tough. We want to become a team that's being noticed, and that makes it hard to do that.

I want to live a full life. I ain't trying to get it all back in one day or one year, but I'm not going to give up the fight.

He stepped up and hit some key shots for us. He got the game ball tonight, he has a lot of toughness.

That's a really tough one. Over the years he's proved it, but for this year that's hard. I like the kid and all, obviously he's the best player in the state, but he just wasn't playing when it counted.

He's proved he deserves it over the years. There's no one better than him.