Clearly our priorities are perverse. Our government punishes the good guys and lets, in some cases, the really bad guys help run the show and set the agendas.

James Lee Witt is giving his seal of approval to some companies, and I question whether that is appropriate as you leave government. He is lending his credibility as a public official to help companies advance in Washington.

This is an area where the federal government falls flat on its face.

Imagine the fraud we could see.

Thank goodness Sen. Grassley is providing some adult supervision. It's not just the taxpayers who are harmed by the current Monopoly money mentality in Washington, D.C., but more directly the hurricane survivors themselves. Every penny spent should help the survivors instead of lining the pockets of disaster profiteers.

I am astounded. This is theoretically a fiscally conservative Republican Congress. I don't get it.

He's a person who did not put the appearance of ethics above all else. That is not the way the government should function. These are the kind of things that make the general public distrust government.

It was a bombshell for us when we saw what Time had done. We had always worried about a sloppy reporter, but I never thought there'd be a concerted decision made to turn over names.

This provision opens up the possibility for much more waste, fraud and abuse and offers no improvement in the government's ability to quickly assist the people who need it.