Daniel Willis
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"Daniel Willis" born 8 April 1954, (Herberton) [http://www.herbertonhistoricvillage.com.au/] is an Australian Clergy/clergyman, having spent most of his adult life in the Anglican_Church_of_Australia/Anglican Anglican_Diocese_of_Sydney/Diocese of Sydney. In 2012 Willis formed Leading Global Impact, an organisation dedicated to leadership development amongst top leaders who are thinking nationally or internationally. He was appointed CEO of Bible Society NSW [http://www.biblesociety.org.au/] (October 2001) and lead the organisation through significant change until July 2010. He was also appointed to the position of International Deputy Director for the South Pacific Region [http://www.lausanne.org/en/about/regions/south-pacific.html] (Oceania) of the Lausanne Movement[http://www.lausanne.org/en/] in 2004. Since moving to Sydney Sydney in 1972 he has had an extensive career both in business and ministry.

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We executed in the first half, on offense and defense. Ultimately, that's why it went the way it did.

He'll play 40 minutes, and then he'll come back and won't want to sit out at practice. He is a competitor, and he's stepped his game up here recently.

You're not going to win many games when your top two scorers don't produce.

Those guys competed out there.