It's our way to keep the momentum in our favor. We're going to have ups-and-downs with our offense and defense, but the special teams can keep that momentum.

Their two scores were just older kids making a play. Their seniors beat our freshmen.

I take the Virginia Tech approach where the head coach handles the special teams all the assistants pitch in and help.

In the first half, our wide receivers made some plays. In the second half, they didn't.

The data is brought before the commission. Only the commission has the authority to change the listing of a species.

He is suffering a lot of psychological trauma that he doesn't know he is going through.

Pad level, the speed of the game and tempo. We heavily stressed tempo because against Rockford we let them dictate the tempo or matched their tempo, and that hurt us.

[Though Wilson was the most notable playwright of his generation, he doesn't seem to have influenced younger writers. He doesn't have obvious imitators.] It would almost amount to arrogance to try to imitate him, ... His writing is so personal, with its musical rhythms.

I think it's a great advantage. It allows you to get a gauge of where you're at, get some people healthy, either those who were injured in camp or in the game, and it allows you to settle into an academic routine.