"Daniel Rosen" is an American comedian, juggler and game show announcer. He began his career with unicycle, juggling and magic acts in high school. Johnny Carson discovered Rosen when he was a teen and made him a regular guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The Tonight Show exposure and Carson's endorsement led him be the announcer and writer on The Late Show/The Late Show, a talk show that was on Fox Broadcasting Company/Fox.

Rosen's comedy has taken him on the road with Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Roseanne Barr, and Bette Middler. He also landed a role as Eddie Greene on Nash Bridges and served as the Musical Director and Announcer on David Strassman's eponymous UK talk show "Strassman".

The producers of The Price Is Right (U.S. game show)/The Price Is Right asked Rosen to be one of several try-out announcers on the show after the death of Rod Roddy in 2003. In addition, Rosen is one of the three announcers for The Price Is Right Live!, a live stage show based on the television game show and held at Harrah's casinos.

Rosen is also the founder and CEO of Credit Aid software.

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The facts and the record illustrate that Microsoft desired to structure a business relationship with Netscape that would bring benefit to our mutual customers.

In 1995, Lotus Notes was an alternative to the Internet, used solely within enterprises. Since the Lotus Notes business model was to give away Notes client software, while charging for the server software, it was reasonable to assume that Mr. Barksdale had adopted this strategy as well.

Purpose of the meeting was to understand if there was an opportunity for a broad collaboration between Microsoft and Netscape.

Our overwhelming problem is our representatives are voting according to how the moneybag supporters want them to vote.