Daniel Paille
FameRank: 5

"Daniel Paille" is a Canadian professional ice hockey winger (ice hockey)/left winger who currently plays for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League (NHL). He was drafted 20th overall by the Buffalo Sabres in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.

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It's time for me to step up. It's been too long. It's been long overdue.

I think tonight was more my game. I felt like I skated a lot more and hit a little more. Last night I was just in the right place at the right time.

But even though we're not in the playoffs, we still have something to play for. We have the fans to play for, ourselves to play for. It's definitely tough, but we still have to play hard.

I don't think we shot enough. We had opportunities to shoot and I didn't think we took them.