Daniel Lipman
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"Daniel Lipman" is a writer and producer from Baltimore, Maryland, United States. His best-known work to date is writing for and producing the hit American television shows Queer as Folk/Queer as Folk and Sisters (television series)/Sisters. He is a partner with Ron Cowen in the television production company Cowlip Productions.

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Westinghouse is certainly pleased to have achieved this latest milestone for the AP1000, and we look forward to working with utilities both in the U.S. and worldwide to build this advanced, inherently safe plant.

Of course they did it.

Gay rights are taking a step backwards. Things will ultimately change. But this is what is happening.

The response we've gotten and continue to get from certain elements of the gay community is just startling to me.

Look at where the gay community was five years ago and what's happened since the (2004 presidential) election.

People are used to the Queer Eye guys.