He is returning to the private sector. Any announcement about his replacement will be made in Washington.

We did struggle on our pitching. They're actually veteran pitchers. I don't know. It's our third ball game, and they just have to bow up and play with us. That was a good bunch of girls. They fielded the ball well.

The small business committee has been very, very active. Eighty-five percent of our members have 25 or fewer employees, which is the criteria for the award.

We're getting a lot of facility for a small amount of building.

We like Congress to know that Lafayette-West Lafayette is a vital community and a contributing community. We have concerns to express and needs to set forth, and they've been articulated well in locally prepared papers. Only by communicating regularly can we expect to be heard.

I would call it an integrity issue. As I listened to the televised government proceedings, it seemed to me that something just wasn't right. If it's in my neighborhood, I'm not one to sit around and let things happen around me.

I think it's a wonderful step for our department.