"Dan Wetzel" is an author, screenwriter, and national columnist for Yahoo Sports and Yahoo.com.

He's written sports-related books Resilience, Sole Influence, Glory Road, and Runnin' Rebel. As a sports writer, he has written about NASCAR, college football, the National Football League/NFL, Major League Baseball/MLB, National Hockey League/NHL, National Basketball Association/NBA, mixed martial arts, and the Olympics. His columns appear In the sports section of Yahoo!/Yahoo.com.

He cowrote the 2014 movie Life of a King, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Dennis Haysbert.

He cohosts a weekly radio show on Yahoo Sports Radio with Pat Forde. He is a fill-in host on The Sports Inferno in Detroit, Michigan on WXYT (AM)/AM 1270.

Wetzel is a native of Norwell, Massachusetts and a 1994 graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he was editor of the campus newspaper (The Daily Collegian) and majored in political science.

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We were just happy to get reviewed by the New York Times (on March 26). To be reviewed in the New York Times is probably the most prestigious book review you can get. Heavy book buyers read it. Now we learn that it will be an editor's choice in the New York Times. There are only about eight of those a week. Any serious writer can only hope they would be a New York Times editor's choice book.

I've been told that this book will sell for years. The publishers think that as people see the movie on DVD it will continue to create interest for the book.

This is not a new thing. It happens when you have an icon coach and an icon program.

We have a good probability that pay will actually increase based on increased disclosure. To keep up with the Joneses, there will be some increases that are required.