"Dan Whitney Stevenson" is a former American football offensive lineman. He was drafted by the New England Patriots in the sixth round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He played college football at Notre Dame Fighting Irish football/Notre Dame.

Stevenson has also been a member of the Miami Dolphins.

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He just has that intangible that you can't really put a word on. He's got 'it'.

The small business types don't have an IT department. It's either the business owner or some other employee that's wearing multiple hats.

For us it's kind of a statement game. We've got a lot of critics and a lot of people said negative things that we don't belong here and we got here because of our name. We think we've got a lot to prove. We're still a team that's hungry.

From Day 1 he said we're going to be tough. We're going to play nasty, we're going to play with that swagger and good things will happen.

We're excited by the challenge. To be recognized as one of the best then you have to play the best.

It's amazing how fast somebody grows up in the course of a year at a school like this with the exposure Notre Dame has, ... He's staying modest, he's humble and he's working hard. Darius took the right path.

When you get in there for the first time, you're in such awe of what you're experiencing that when you finally get to the off-season and have a chance to look back on it, you can take one of two roads. You either get humble and step up and become a leader, or you just think you're the best thing ever.

The old philosophy was kind of like, 'Let's start our own legacy,' whereas Coach Weis wants us to create our own legacy while honoring the past.