We were just in the right place at the right time.

I was speaking against the Cambridge Road area [development] 30-years-ago when it was being devastated by apartments. We had traffic issues then, and we have traffic issues now.

It will affect Bedford Road and Cambridge Road. It's the worst intersection in the city. I would like to see that remain open-space or something to act as a buffer between both cities.

The lake will continue receding during the day, about half an inch an hour. As it recedes, this will help.

The lake level has equalized with interior water inside the city, which means it won't flow inside the city [any longer], except for high tide.

I have to make sure we have good communications with the mayor and city solicitor, ... These are the things we need to stay on top of.

We've hit the market that allows us to really build these enterprise solutions and tailor them to fit the needs of these companies.