Dan Peters
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"Daniel Joe Peters" is the drummer for Mudhoney (band)/Mudhoney. He joined Bundle of Hiss when he was fifteen years old. He also played drums for Nirvana (band)/Nirvana, appearing on one single, "Sliver (song)/Sliver". Peters' only live appearance with Nirvana was on September 22, 1990, in Seattle, Washington, at the Motor Sports International Garage. Peters continues to drum for Mudhoney, and was replaced in Nirvana by Dave Grohl. Peters expressed his only regret as missing the chance to play drums on Nevermind. He returned to Mudhoney for the recording of Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. He has stayed with Mudhoney ever since. Mudhoney's latest offering is Vanishing Point (Mudhoney album)/Vanishing Point released April 2, 2013. Peters has also played drums for Ellensburg, Washington (U.S. state)/Washington based band Screaming Trees from 1990 to 1991. He also appeared in Black Sheep alongside David Spade and Chris Farley.

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We want landowners to know they have choice when they are approached to lease their mineral rights. There is a difference among the independents and we want the communities where we operate to know that we have their best interests at heart. We always try to do the right thing for landowners and their property, drill safely and efficiently, and clean up the well site area once we've completed.

It stings that their high school season is over, but the past two years, we made the playoffs and won a district championship. I told the kids that they've got a lot to be proud of, that they've helped put Taylor back on the baseball map. I told them not to focus on what happened today, but to be proud of what you did in your career. I'm very proud of that core of players.

When people find out about the issues at hand, they join in.

Many of them are upset with the media?s representation of the issue.

These meetings may be at a church, but they are not religious meetings. They are anti-casino meetings. We wanted to get active right off the bat with this issue.

We?re just plain against it. It?s a David and Goliath situation. We?re just the little people who live in Limerick.

We will try to increase the hours as our numbers increase.