Not only does no one say it happened, you have witnesses saying it didn't happen.

With that, your honor, Mr. Ryan rests his case.

My client is likely to take the stand, although I will make that decision at the time.

There are some people who believe that things like presumption of innocence are kind of legal technicalities and aren't really important.

George Ryan is my last witness -- we want to get everything done before George Ryan takes the stand.

The non-settling states have completely failed to prove their case.

I will make the decision at the time.

Is George Ryan perfect? No. He's grown up in the rough-and-tumble world of politics in Illinois, and he's not perfect.

He (Fawell) felt the government had just put a foot on his throat.

If this verdict ever becomes final, I can guarantee that all five of these companies will go out of business.

We'll have witnesses ready to go Wednesday afternoon.

He will not be testifying in this case and that is his final decision.

I don't know of a single witness in this so-called corruption trial that's going to say there was a corrupt payment to George Ryan. No one got cheated out of anything. The contracts were good deals, fair deals, for the secretary of state's office.

This is a verdict in favor of no one and it will not have any practical impact on Philip Morris and its employees.

These are very serious charges. What (Ryan) has at stake is his freedom, his reputation and his financial future.

I've always felt that one of the strengths I've had over the years is being able to communicate with jurors in straightforward, simple, understandable terms. I grew up in a very simple, straightforward world.

The state of Illinois didn't get cheated out of anything. Providing benefits to supporters is part of politics and is not a crime.