As a freshman, she could hardly kick the ball 10 yards. Now she really sees the field well. She had three assists in our first two games. She hustles and she's a worker. She always has been.

Any win is big this time of year. It doesn't matter whether it's 1-0 or 15-0.

He's a machine right now.

It was a tough play. They made their [error] call, but I don't see anything routine about a ball in the gap that a guy has to run full speed just to get to.

This team's got 'em in it. It just takes us a while to get 'em out.

Look at how big he is, ... He should be hitting home runs!

That's definitely never happened to me. That was something else.

He pitched about as well as you can in this ballpark. Giving up just four runs here is a good day.