"Dan Hess" is an American composer and sound designer. He is best known for his work on the video games Pilotwings 64 and F-1 World Grand Prix. He left the video game industry after the completion of F-1 World Grand Prix, and has since performed with the band Skeleton Crew and singer-songwriter Tim Diaz, among other ventures.

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Retailers have worked tirelessly to translate the lessons of years past into improved merchandising systems and strategies, and the work is paying dividends this season.

We believe consumers' growing familiarity and confidence with online shopping, coupled with a dramatic increase in broadband penetration and continuing efforts by retailers to simplify the shopping process across channels, will translate to substantial gains for online merchants again this year.

The biggest surprise to us this year was the late-season surge in the week before Christmas. This occurred at a time when we usually see a pronounced drop-off in purchases. Instead, we saw a 57 percent growth surge driven by people buying online and picking up in stores as well as the commitment by online merchants to deliver in time.

We've just closed another great year in online commerce. Consumers spent an average of $200 million per day throughout November and December, bringing holiday growth to just about the top end of our forecast of 25 to 30 percent.

The simple fact is big budgets and optimization of search technology tend to win the battle.

Online travel sales fared even better this year. The sector was up 35 percent versus 2002 and has more than more than doubled since 2001. Non-travel sales recovered impressively from war-related softness early in the year, with 2003 posting a healthy 22 percent total increase over 2002.

This is one of what we hope is many steps that attempt to turn around the brand. It has to start with the product.

You see on the tape that they (the defendants) are celebrating. They are mugging for the camera and making crude comments. They're dancing around. They know that she's unresponsive, they know that she's unconscious. They're deciding what to do next. They're competing with each other to see who can do the worst things to her.

With the exception of Christmas Day, when so many consumers turn their attention from gift shopping to gift giving, our data reported sales over $100 million dollars in each day of this latest week.