"Dan Garrett" is the current head football coach for Kean University Cougars football team in Union Township, Union County, New Jersey/Union, New Jersey. Through 2010, he has compiled an overall record of 33–20.

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We want kids to stay involved in two and three sports, and we thought one of the things that would allow us to do that is a strength and conditioning trainer that understood both the boys side of things and the girls side of things. Hugo's experience lends itself to that.

The other thing that was attractive to me is that he himself is a product of Catholic schools and has sent two children through Catholic schools.

We'll need policies that are technically configurable according to such things as geography, whether a patient can opt in or out of the process and in what circumstance, and that can also be applied facility by facility. This is what people are beginning to understand is needed for [interoperability] in the real world. But it's not really being written or talked about yet.

Our patients need access to all the treatments. You cannot limit the treatments because they have different effects.

The next six or seven months will really be an interesting time.