Dan Forsman
FameRank: 4

"Daniel Bruce Forsman" is an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour and who now plays on the Champions Tour.

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At that point, the momentum had switched entirely, and now it was whether or not I can par the rest of the holes coming in.

The conditions are fantastic, ... I can't believe how well it drained ... And we might need that, right?

I made a good swing at 14, but it came out to the right.

I was a little quick and stabbing at the ball last week at the 84 Lumber, and this week I'm a little more smooth.

The awards event was a rare opportunity for our Prudential family to come together and honor each other's achievements.

Some people have already written him off, thinking, He's never going to be the guy. That has taken some heat off him. I think this is his time.

And I made a discovery last night. I told my wife I made a discovery, and sure enough today I was making putts.

My putting stats [140th] for the tour are weak.

It was an entry form to the dreaded Q School. ''That's how things are going.