The disproportionate influence they have in the media, in libraries, in museums, but especially on college campuses means that I think anyone would be wise to take the left seriously, meaning that they are a massive force in our society because they occupy positions of influence disproportionate to their actual numbers.

It was real important to fill the date, ... The kids deserve a nine-game schedule. This also keeps the continuity of our season going. For us, there was lots of improvement and we got to play a lot of kids.

Our defense set the tone, ... We moved to the ball real well. We also had some excellent execution on offense, especially in the first quarter.

Our defense did a great job of shutting them down but our offense really helped our defense tonight because they (Gladstone) didn't have the ball.

I was just walking up to the workshop one day and I plucked two gum leaves and I put them on the table and started playing with them.

What is so great about America?