We're not worried about that at all. We're fine with how we're progressing and we expect that aspect of our football team to continue to improve.

That team over there (Edmond North), they were awesome. Coach Philbrick has got his kids playing so well. But our guys are tired of people saying they're not any good, that they're not going to be able to do anything this year without all the guys we lost.

Those turnovers, they just about kill ya'. But our kids sucked it up when we committed ours and did an awesome job. It's been that way ever since we started running our defense three years ago. The turnover ratio has made a huge difference for us.

That's kind of the position we've been in the last three years. But as the season goes on our kids get better and they understand a little bit more and get more confidence in themselves and good things will happen for us. But right now we're on a bubble. These next few games will tell a lot.

Our kids, they love this. They've worked really hard for this. They had bragging rights for two years, now we have the bragging rights. We're so excited.

I believe that it's going to tell a lot about our football team. To me we're kind of on a bubble. We haven't' reached that level where we think we need to be to compete. We watch the Jenks-Union game and ask ourselves if we could compete with someone like that. Right now the answer would probably be no.

The key to playing a guy like Bradford is putting pressure on him. If you let him sit back there he'll pick you apart. We have to put pressure on him. Edmond North got to him some, but other times he was throwing darts out there.