I have to give a lot of the credit to my offensive line. They stepped it up today against a quality defense. It's a lot easier coaching when you have second-and-5 most of the time rather than second-and-10.

Kevin got some playing time last week and did a nice job. Today, we didn't hesitate one moment to put him in when Jason had to come out. He responded the way we hoped he would. In other years, when our top rusher went down, we'd be in trouble. Today, we didn't miss a beat.

It would be a financial burden on the schools.

We got some big plays from a lot of different players today. This was a team victory both the offense and defense had big plays when we needed them.

Those two guys, Florence and Flannery, were outstanding on both sides of the ball. We ask them to block and then both have to play every defensive play. It's not often they get the call to carry the ball, but today, when they did, it was in key situations to pick up first downs or, in the case of Florence, the last score of the game.

We talked about it at halftime. We felt we could move the ball on them with the ground game. At least we felt we could move the ball to midfield and, if we had to, pin them deep in their territory.