It was hard on him. I think he was really experiencing some doubts about his abilities.

I think this will be a huge win for him.

I can't tell you much right now, but I can tell you there were two small babies, twins, found deceased.

That's the way we would like to play for 32 minutes. We'll hit a groove, get in our run, and play real well.

It's under investigation and we should be able to tell you more tomorrow.

Courtney has really stepped it up. She has come up big for us and helping Jessica and the others under the boards.

[Surgeon in charge J.N. Green] found Dr. Mary Walker a capable, tireless assistant, indispensable to him and his 100 or more sick and wounded patients, ... Mary Edward Walker: Above and Beyond.

It's about going into a tournament knowing you have one of the top two or three players there.

This is the guy we've been looking for, ... He really is the first nationally recognized player we've ever gotten. We've had some great players from San Diego on this team. They're solid. But this guy – he is the one who will make those other guys better.