It's very unfortunate. The city of Wilmington has been working hard the last 10 years to bring the convention center to fruition. ... Now it's in jeopardy...

(Morgan is) going to raise the level of play of those around her. She knows when she's going to have to take over the level of game at times.

That has been a real help to us to bring in more people because there is such a love and excitement with the live steam engine. Joe is a great friend and a wonderful friend to model railroading. This is a labor of love for all of us. We get paid by the smiles and the happiness of kids of all ages.

A toy train layout is never finished. I have built several over the years, and the ones that I have gotten finished, I either sold or gave away.

Unless someone shows me how the final outcome of Pathway 2007 will affect how we provide service, I don't believe its out place to be involved in this. It's outside our purview.

I think basically they settled down a little bit in the second half. We sorted out a few more things.

If you get someone who wants to play and will play a whole year and learn the fundamentals, I don't think you can put a dollar value on that.

At first it was in the bone below her knee. Then it spread to the muscles and blood vessels around her knee.

We are just a little bit beside ourselves with pride. And at the same time, we are trying to show as much humility as possible.