Dale Murphy
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"Dale Bryan Murphy" is a former Major League Baseball outfielder and first baseman. During an 18-year baseball career, 1976–1993, he played for three different teams, but is noted for his time with the Atlanta Braves. Murphy won consecutive National League Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player Award/Most Valuable Player Awards (1982–1983), the National League's Silver Slugger Award four straight years (1982–1985), and the National League's Rawlings Gold Glove Award/Gold Glove award five straight years (1982–1986).

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Gee I don't know, I just want to get home.

He handles himself well, ... He's got a maturity that I know I didn't have at that age.

It's a very motivating thing to play for people that care about you and are concerned about you. You want to play well on the field because of the respect and confidence they put in you.

Dedicated to my parents, Charles and Betty Murphy, and to my wife, Nancy. Anything good that has come to my life has been because of your example, guidance, and love.

I was at my locker in West Palm pretty upset with the way things were going, and in walked Paul Snyder. I can remember all of my appreciation for him coming up to me and trying to talk me through this time when I had never been so down in my life. Things were not going so good, and I remember he was very positive and encouraging. He said something good was going to happen.

In this book I challenge today's athlete to do the right thing in the right way, ... Hopefully, my experience and perspective will help others have fulfilling careers in professional sports.

It's been fun to watch him, ... I'm happy for him. He's a good young man. It was fun to meet him.

He plays an all-around game and has fun out there, ... He's going to be a fun player to watch throughout his career.