Cyrus Vance
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"Cyrus Roberts Vance" was an United States/American lawyer and United States Secretary of State under President Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1980. Prior to that position he was the Secretary of the Army and the Deputy Secretary of Defense.

As Secretary of State, Vance approached foreign policy with an emphasis on negotiation over conflict and a special interest in arms reduction. In April 1980, Vance resigned in protest of Operation Eagle Claw, the secret mission to rescue Iran hostage crisis/American hostages in Iran. He was succeeded in the position by Edmund Muskie.

Vance was the cousin (and adoptive son) of United States presidential election, 1924/1924 Democratic presidential candidate and lawyer John W. Davis. He is the father of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr.

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U.S. Policy toward the establishment of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories is unequivocal and has long been a matter of public record. We consider it to be contrary to international law and an impediment to the successful conclusion of the Middle East peace process.

The statement attributed to Mr. Reiss has been mischaracterized as a threat, ... It was not. The statement was a figure of speech used in a voice mail message in a context of a longstanding business dispute over the merits of a deal to have the stock exchange go public.

You have to listen to adversaries and keep looking for that point beyond which it's against their interests to keep on disagreeing or fighting.

My proposal to re-establish diplomatic relations - not necessarily friendly relations, but diplomatic relations - is a sensible, simple, and straightforward approach that will finally get us off dead center.

The defense of human rights has been, and continues to be, one of the principal goals of the foreign policy of this administration.

Vance's Rule of 2 1/2: Any military project will take twice as long as planned, cost twice as much, and produce only half of what is wanted.

In short, the time has come for us as American and Iranian citizens to apply our mutual energy, intellect, and goodwill toward strengthening relations between our two countries, as their destinies are intertwined.