I thought it was the garbage that was smelling like that. I didn't know it was a body out there in the car.

It's a very engaged and enthusiastic group.

It gives them an opportunity to explore all aspects of the medical field so they can make an informed decision. There are visits to hospitals, clinical settings, research labs, public health agencies and medical schools. They find out what goes on with patient care, equipment and technology.

Quitting smoking is a hard thing to do, and it's important to provide as much help and encouragement as we can to the person attempting to quit.

We as people are quick to criticize ourselves and not so quick to give ourselves praise. I make sure the people I'm working with recognize the progress they're making and feel good about what they're trying to accomplish.

Therapists would have been looking for jobs and putting in their notices.

We really hope to see more people use our program. It's normal for a person to need help when they're trying to quit and that's what we're here for.

The day for people to just give us things is over. We have to stand up for ourselves. We have to help ourselves. Where we have to start as a people is to take pride in us - start with helping us.

It's been a while, but this feels great. I came in with a frown, and I'm going out of here with a smile. Besides, it's great exercise. As a nurse, I always see the consequences of people not taking care of themselves.