"Curtis White" is an American essayist and author. He serves as professor of English at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, and as President of the board of directors of the Center for Book Culture. Most of his career has been spent writing experimental fiction, but he has turned recently to writing books of social criticism.

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We should have played much better. Missing shots messed up our focus and we had some lapses. We can't do that (Saturday) if we expect to win the regional.

They're bigger than us. So we figured we'd beat them down the court, get some easy buckets and jump on them early.

My shooting is coming around much better now (than) from the beginning of the season. I just want to keep rebounding at a high level. I'm averaging about seven rebounds a game.

Anyone can be a teacher or professor, but not everyone can influence you to strive for excellence and make a difference in the world around you.

I think we should have won by more (against Muncie Central), but we've been off (from competition) for a bit, and we're kind of rusty.

We've been playing much better in practice. We're doing a better job of moving the ball. Our turnovers are down. That's something we definitely improved on.