He threw me an inside fast ball and I pulled it. At first, I thought it was just going to be a hit to the fence, but then it kept rising and went out.

We ought to be tired of empty buildings. If they tear down Roosevelt, you'll have another big, empty lot. If you have a hole in the ground, you have a hole in the community. If Roosevelt goes, so goes the community.

We regained the momentum lost due to weather delays and losses to Globe and Blue Ridge.

They are keys, huge keys.

There are many benefits of being (at CCSU). It gives them an opportunity to see what a college campus is like. It prepares them to think of an educational future beyond high school and what they should be doing now to get there.

Playing those caliber of teams will help us later.

We are not perfect all the time. But we try to leave a positive image for the younger players on the team.

We came out and played hard in both games. (In this last game), we didn't get as many breaks as we did in the first game. They helped us out a little in the first game and we got some big hits.