"Craig Young" is an Australian former representative rugby league footballer for the Australia national rugby league team, the New South Wales Rugby League team/New South Wales Blues and a stalwart player over 11 seasons from 1977 to 1988 with the St. George Dragons in the New South Wales Rugby League premiership/NSWRL premiership competition. He played at Rugby League positions#Prop forwards/prop-forward.

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With this bleak outlook and this share price, it's going to be extremely difficult for the government to sell. Telstra would obviously like less regulation, but that's something which is out of its hands.

This is a company that's grossly inefficient, it could do with a radical shake-up.

The share price might benefit from that. In the past, Coles Myer has not got any benefit in having both food and nonfood businesses under one umbrella.

It seems like a great idea given all the uncertainty over regulation and Telstra's future.

It's going to be a pretty hard task to sell when the future of the most profitable part of Telstra is so uncertain and risky. Its main business is in decline, and the downside is hard to ascertain.

I have challenged my players. They have worked hard - but now we must press on and in addition to playing well we must look to win points and be consistent.

He's left-handed, has a great arm and is very strong. The ball seemed to explode when he released it and that's when we first saw him two years ago in Savannah. We decided to follow his progress and he's turned out to be a perfect fit for our program.

I'm absolutely not interested in seeing it happen.

If they focus more on food, they might be better at it and might also be treated more as a nondiscretionary retailer.