"Total -"

/ clubs = Richmond Football Club/Richmond

Brisbane Bears

Brisbane Lions

/ games(goals) = 123 (53)

49 (19)

47 (8)

"219 (80)"

/ statsend = 2000

/ careerhighlights =

*Richmond Football Club/Richmond Jack Dyer Medal/Best and Fairest 1991

*Interstate games:- 7

*Brisbane Lions/Brisbane Merrett-Murray Medal/Best and Fairest 1994

*All Australian 1996


"Craig Lambert" is a former Australian rules football player who played in the VFL/AFL between 1988 and 1993 for the Richmond Football Club and then from 1994 until 2000 for the Brisbane Bears then the

Brisbane Lions Football Clubs. He is currently employed by the Greater Western Sydney Football Club.

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He pitched really well. His arm was a little sore Friday and that's why we took him out. He doesn't throw hard, but he throws strikes and keeps the ball low.

Trevor pitched real well. He struck out 10 and he's usually ahead in the count and when he does throw something for them to hit, it's usually a ground ball.

We were doing great early on then the wheels came off in the fourth. We started out playing real good defense, too.

We are just abusing ourselves with our schedule this year. But with the way the weather has been, I'm glad we're leaving town and going where it's warm.

We very easily could have been 3-2 this week -- probably should have.

I was hurting on pitching with two pitchers missing so I threw Grant out there and he did great -- he threw strikes and didn't give up any runs.