Craig Harris
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"Craig S. Harris" is a jazz trombonist and composer who has been a major figure in the jazz avant-garde movement since his stint with Sun Ra in 1976. Subsequently, Harris has worked with such notable jazz artists as Abdullah Ibrahim, David Murray (jazz musician)/David Murray, Lester Bowie, Cecil Taylor, Sam Rivers, Muhal Richard Abrams and Charlie Haden. Harris has also recorded since 1983 as leader for labels like India Navigation, Black Saint/Soul Note/Soul Note and JMT Records/JMT. For the latter he recorded with two different groups: the Tailgaters Tails was a quintet with clarinetist Don Byron, trumpeter Eddie Allen (jazz musician)/Edward E. J. Allen, Anthony Cox (musician)/Anthony Cox on double bass/bass and Pheeroan akLaff on drums. His large ensemble project Cold Sweat was a tribute to the music of James Brown.

Harris was born in Hempstead (town), New York/Hempstead, New York. He is a graduate of the music program of State University of New York College at Old Westbury, and was profoundly influenced by its founder and director Makanda Ken McIntyre. Harris's move to New York City in 1978 quickly established him in the forefront of young trombonists, including Ray Anderson (musician)/Ray Anderson, George Lewis (trombonist)/George Lewis and Joseph Bowie.

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In the district meet, you have to have good depth. We've had good depth the last few years. The key for us this weekend was we knew where we were seeded and we knew what we had to do. You don't beat teams like Plano West and Flower Mound without having a strong roster from top to bottom.

If we could get an upset in the 400-yard freestyle relay, we could have a shot.

Unless we swim really fast, it may not turn out too good. We're swimming in one of the fastest regions in the state and we're hoping to hang in there in the top two. If we come in with our game faces on and shaved down, we could have a chance to swing the meet. We've got a shot.

Our depth has been the key. We feel like we have three swimmers in the top eight in several events. You can score a lot of points that way.

As long as the relays swim well, you have to feel we have a chance to swim as high as the top two at state.

That bumps the double points in the relays up more. You can score 18 points in a relay to what used to be 14.

The way I see it is it's a brand new day. You never know what could happen.

We've been able to build strong relay teams as well. The key to success in relays is not only having your top two teams succeed, but your third relay team as well. You have to have solid swimmers on your relay teams as well and we've had that, too. It gives us a great edge.

We would definitely be disappointed if we didn't win, no doubt. The tradition established by the athletes before these is something that certainly comes into play. I definitely think there is a lot of pride involved in those 16 straight regional titles.