My sister (Kendra, a sophomore point guard) is the fastest girl on the team. Every time she gets the ball I tell her, 'Run.' But it doesn't matter because the post is already going.

My knee felt real good today. I think tonight showed I am back to where I was a year ago. I still have some stuff to work on, minor stuff, but after that I'm good to go.

The first game was the first game. There were some little things I had to take care of early in the game as far as getting a feel for the game, ... It had been awhile since I played. And I got rolling. I have to build on that for next game.

I feel good, ... They gave me the opportunity to play here, and I just want to go out there and take advantage of it and do my best to help the team out.

(The parish) stands to benefit and must be positioning itself to take up the opportunity accruing from the potential that will come with the island hosting its share of the World Cup events.