Cory Sullivan
FameRank: 4

"Cory Sullivan" is an American former professional baseball outfielder. He played for the Colorado Rockies, New York Mets, Houston Astros, and Philadelphia Phillies organizations.

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It's a huge wall, so that's kind of an impact on you when you're going back there. I think it takes a few times of playing center field here to get used to that feeling.

I was looking for the fastball. When I hit it I thought I had hit it out. But this is a tough ballpark to hit it out of.

I'd like to think we have a pretty explosive offense.

Who'd have thought the key was to relax a little bit and just enjoy it?

It's always good to have things that happen only once every 55 years. I didn't even realize I hit two triples in one inning, till somebody said it to me after the game. I had no idea. It just didn't even occur to me.

People are going to start to realize this team is not all hype. We have guys who are going to come out and perform.

He is the leader on the team and a consummate professional. All the young guys watch him. He is a great guy to mirror.

(Eaton) got behind in the count early, and that allows you to be more selective. When that happens with guys like Helton and (Matt) Holliday and (Garrett) Atkins behind me, I'm going to be more selective about the pitches I put in play.

It's just getting into the ebb and flow of the season. I struggled a little bit at the beginning, but once you find you groove, you try to stay in it.