We really emphasize how big these Western Division games are. We are the Western Division champs and we want to come out here and defend our title. So we wanted to come out here and play this game strong and we did.

In the second half they changed their defense a little and that's when the guards had to step up. So we had to score a little more and do what we needed to do to keep that lead.

We wanted to come out here and play strong and play hard and we thought we were going to beat them easily. But it didn't work out that way. They played good and played hard, but a win is a win. It's not the way we would have liked, but we got the win.

I didn't want to think about it because I had confidence in taking that shot. I knew I was wide open but I knew it was early in the shot clock so I knew I had to make it. But once it went down it was a big sigh of relief.

I definitely thought about that and wanted to have a good showing. I still know a lot of people at Campbell and some of my friends were here for the game. It did give me some extra motivation and some confidence.