It's nice for shows to have connections with the fans. It makes you closer and more involved in the product you're watching.

That's how fish breathe. They need oxygen the same as us.

It's filled with water from the Hudson River, and we have to shake it up.

What an incredible honor. I spoke with Pam Wilson , who is our Publicist handling our international territories, and she told me that the show is licensed in over two hundred territories around the globe. That is mind-boggling to me. So thank you to everyone out there who support us by watching. We think of you all the time, and are humbled by your dedication.

I like history, I like working with kids, and I also want to be a coach when I get older, coach basketball, maybe football.

She never smoked and that gets to the issue of secondhand smoke.

Right now, we can't fully explain or understand it, but it is an issue we are aware of and continue to research.

We're doing twenty-five of these babies. We end up feeling a premature sense of accomplishment around this time, thinking we're done for the year, but then we realize: oh, we still have to come up with ideas for three more episodes!