"Clifford Bernard Thompson" was an United States/American professional ice hockey player. He played defense in the Boston Bruins organization from 1939 until 1950, playing for the NHL Bruins in 1941–42 and 1948–49.

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This win gives us some confidence because they beat us before at their place.

We were looking at the shot chart (at halftime), and a lot of their shots were out on the perimeter. Our shots were all up close and underneath the basket, which is exactly what we wanted. I told the guys that we've just got to put the ball in the basket.

They put a lot of pressure on our zone, and when we went to stop their penetration, they would pass the ball well and knock down some threes. They are an excellent team, and I think they're going to be in the finals.

Overall, I'm happy. During the first round of the state tournament, you just want to get a win and get the jitters out.

I thought it was a really good team effort. I thought we played well, defensively, and we forced them to take some tough shots all night. We did a good job on the boards.

They spaced the floor well and penetrated well. I thought they did a good job keeping us from penetrating.

I've seen too much blood. I've seen too many deaths from off-highway vehicles. How many more deaths is it going to take before the provincial government realizes they're making a wrong mistake?

We know it was 29-29, and almost everyone in the gym knew it. I think the fact they took a basket away from us got us fired up. I know it had me fired up.

(Nephi) was driving, and they had a tough time keeping him from getting to the rim without fouling him. We just told him to keep being aggressive, and I thought he did a very good job. All of the other guys around him did a nice job, as well.