Cliff Floyd
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"Cornelius Clifford Floyd, Jr." is a former Major League Baseball outfielder and designated hitter, and is also currently a co-host on Sirius XM Radio.

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It's always important to see where you stand as a team. In a division like this, you need all the healthy bodies you can go with. But I'm not surprised with how we've kept it together. I just think guys know what's at stake; the opportunity to win the Wild Card doesn't come around too often, so ...

You go to a bookstore, there's a million books, ... I found one that relates to me. It's not telling you what to do. It's more, 'If you want to do this, you might want to try these things.' If it helps, continue. If it doesn't, stroll through the pages and find something that will help you.

If we believe we can do it, we'll be OK.

It's been tough for me, ... It's one of those things I'm not too good with. Especially since I lean on him a lot for everything, and he hasn't been around, and that's definitely soured a lot of things.

We're just trying to keep our heads above water. Like I said, we're in last place. The organization and the team are headed in the right direction and at the same time we've got to finish strong. It'd be a shame not to.

That's when the book is good: the struggle part.

You know Carlos might have had a life-altering experience. He knows how close he came to being real seriously [hurt] and how bad Cam is. You can see why he's been changed.

He definitely says he'll be all right.

Then I look at myself: 'What are you not doing?' Take the positive out of everything, no matter what. I'm still staying focused, still helping us on the field. As long as I can take that positive out of that negative part of the season, I'm fine.