(The wind) kind of affects everything. You can't hear the coach when you're out there on the base paths, and from a pitching standpoint, it makes it hard to get balanced.

He's just gotten better and better since basketball has been over. He's really coming on right now, and I thought he did a great job.

There's good and bad things about having a bye. You don't have to play this week, but the bad thing is you don't get to play this week.

Any time you make seven errors in a game, you're going to be hard-pressed to win it. Brownwood took advantage of every mistake we made. They deserved to win.

I think we're playing better in all aspects of the game than we have all year. We're looking forward to the next couple games and doing what we need to do.

I thought the kids did a great job of showing poise. Snyder is a great team, they got us down early and I thought we responded very well to that.

Snyder did a great job of hitting the ball, but we just couldn't stop them.

I didn't think we played very well to start off. I was proud of the way we settled down and held them scoreless for the next seven innings while we were able to score in the sixth and seventh and win in the second extra inning.