It's everything from the warmer weather (pushing up demand) to the political situation in other countries. The spring break factor just adds to it. The stronger the demand, usually the higher the prices go up.

Over the next few weeks, I think we'll continue to see it slowly drop a little bit.

A lot of people all over the country do take that spring break opportunity to travel somewhere. Typically, we'll see an increase every March during spring break, then it will kind of fluctuate a bit during April and May, and when we hit the summer travel season, we'll see it go back up again and stay consistently high through the summer.

The variable that's having the most impact now is the weather.

We have been dropping a little bit lately.

It's just that time of the year. It has been pretty gradual over the past two weeks, but the last two days have had big jumps, some going up 12 to 14 cents a gallon all at one time.

Between now and then, we hope to see lower prices.

March is typically a time of year when prices start to go back up. Spring break really makes people want to get on the roads, and everybody in the country has a spring break at some point in March or April. There's a spike in demand, and prices start to go up in anticipation of it.