Our number one goal is to always recruit Michigan first and we felt like we were able to get what we wanted from our home State. However, we were able to get into the Midwest a little more than in the past and bring in eight kids from bordering states.

Our primary need heading into this recruiting season was the interior lines both offensively and defensively, and I feel that we did an outstanding job by bringing in 15 interior linemen. If you include our tight end 16 of our 30 recruits are frontline players.

We're very pleased to have him. From the day he walked in, we have had kids help him along the way, make sure he fits in real well to this school and that he has a very good experience here.

They packed it in the middle . . . and we didn't have anyone hit any outside shots. It's just one of those games. If they're playing a 2-3 packed in zone, and you don't make any shots, it's going to be hard.

To tell you the truth, she does have a good outside shot and form, if you actually watch her. I don't think a lot of people are really aware of that.

Offense is where we'll have to hang our hat this year. We've got just about everybody back on offense.

When she first started, the program was trying to get its feet on track. In the four years since she's been here, we can compete with anyone now.

We're finding this stuff out on the fly as well. But we'd do everything within our power to make sure the shoppers could still get downtown. There's more than adequate parking in other areas.

I'm still pleased. I would have loved to go a little bit further in the district tournament, but I'm happy with the season.